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4 Myths on Closet Organization

Posted by Closet Butler on May 3, 2018 3:06:07 PM

 Your decluttering doubts debunked.

 Home decor and organization blogger, Melissa George from Polished Habitat, shares her organizing myths that could be holding you back.



Myth #1: Organizing is Expensive

Polished Habitat
Photo Credit: Polished Habitat


Truth: Inexpensive supplies can be purchased from the dollar store.  You can also reuse/recycle some of your current products. For a new look, create a DIY project with paint and labels to make it fun.



Myth #2: Organizing Takes Too Long


Clean Closet | Closet Butler
Start with shirts and onto the next one.


Truth: Small and fast changes can actually save you time. Break your closet up into sections for each type of clothing such as dress shirts and pants. Take 15 minutes a week to declutter.



Myth #3: Your Things Won't Stay Organized


Cluttered Closet | Closet Butler

 Does this look like your closet? All hope isn't lost.

Truth: When it’s done right, it can stay that way.Yes, some small trash or clutter ends up happening, but try not to let it last long. Find out what’s not needed in the space, label everything, and choose the right containers for your space. Don't forget, making it pretty keeps it pretty.



Myth #4: You're Naturally Messy and Can't Stay Organized


 clear the closet cultter

We’re all naturally messy sometimes.


Truth: Everyone can't always be organized.  But you can create a system that works for you. Find out the specific organization issues such as lint, clutter, or laundry






“Organization is about progressively making your homework better for you. Don’t strive for perfection in the whole house tomorrow. Instead, identify your top struggles, and work through the list one at a time.”
-Melissa George




Click here to read Melissa's full article.




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